SHOW 4 of 7 SUFFERING & SOVEREIGNTY VS HEALTH & WEALTH Justin Peters & Costi Hinn (Benny Hinns Nephew who LEFT the Prosperity Gospel) speak on: How can God be both GOOD & SOVEREIGN with so much SUFFERING in the world? We Pray that they will Turn from many of these Unbiblical Practices and start Preaching SOUND DOCTRINE (like Jesus, Peter, Paul, John the Baptist, etc) which should CONVICT PEOPLE OF SIN, and of GODS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and HIS COMING JUDGMENT John 16:8. I have a certain friend who is convinced that she has not been sanctified, that even though we are saved and wont go to hell, God still wants us to follow the law so that we can sanctify ourselves. Eventually I crashed and burned. So it wasn't even. May 2, 2017, 10:44 AM PDT / Updated May 2, 2017, 6:52 PM PDT. I wish to see many believers have access to grace based teaching. JUDGING OTHERS SHOULD CHRISTIANS JUDGE? I am getting hung up on berating myself. I would encourage every believer to be baptized in the same way that I would encourage every loving couple to think seriously about getting married. I am part of a small fellowship that believes in the Grace of God and the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Bishop David Lee Ellis Sr. Read the first chapter and it blew my mind. My question is this,for 14 years of being a recovery meth addict of 23 yrs, I thought I had given my life to Jesus. I am breathing the fresh air of Gods grace! Thank you so much, Pastors Eli & Kim Ellis Pastors Eli & Kim Ellis are our Associate Pastors at CCC. He is after our heart. I came across your site while surfing the web for J. The quality was good and it tasted great, but it left one wanting something a bit more satisfying. You can find verses in the Bible suggesting that the heart is the part of us that thinks, feels and understands. Souls are truly at stake. This TV Show is SHOW 6 OF 7 shows in a series called: Truth & Transformation. If you want to pick my brains on how to become a semi-successful self-publisher, I have compiled some notes and resources here. We encourage you to find out if the particular Preachers Prophecy ever came true. My biggest frustration is finding a local church that teaches Grace. God really good. Her favorite hobbies are boating with her family, crafts, and being in bed by 10pm. He was renowned as a scorer, with a variety of offensive moves, reminiscent of the dancing ability he showed as a young baby named Rejean. Tracy was born and raised in the area of Hershey, PA. She and her husband, Steve, moved to the Berlin, MD area in 2020, right before the Covid lockdown. Im also very disappointed about the heat that Grace preachers like Joseph Prince take. Dr. Keith Ellis is a Prophet, Seer, Evangelist, and Author. Matthew 14:24-25 NLT. About the Author Dr. Keith Ellis is a Prophet, Seer, Evangelist, and Author. I dont believe in the outer darkness view simply because Jesus says we will forever be with Him after the rapture, so we will all be coming back to earth with Him to reign for 1000 years. Pastoral Leadership Dr. Dock Hollingsworth Senior Pastor 404.591.4344 Rev. Feb 16. Ellis graduated from the University of Oxford (MA 1971, D. Phil 1974). John Alcock. Pastor Richard Ellis launched Reunion Church on October 5, 1997 in a small office in the Uptown area of Dallas, Texas. Believe & Obey Gods Word only. I googled walking after the flesh and found your blog in my search. IMPORTANT NOTE: These are only a FEW OF THE MANY FALSE TEACHERS + PROBLEMATIC TEACHERS that Jesus warned us about in Matthew 24:11. PLAN OF SALVATION HOW CAN I BE SAVED FROM HELL? Hi Paul, Im so glad we found your site. 11) JASON WESTERFIELD (False Prophet /NAR/New Age Mystic & Occult Practices / Astral Travel &Angel Visits) ELLEN G. WHITE [1827-1915] (Founder of the False Teaching & Cult ofSeventh Day Adventist/She had approximately 2,000 visions & dreams / Sabbath Keeper. One of those liked it so much and has now placed an order for a load of copies to put in her bookshop! READ SO4J-TVs Concern (below). Richard. Eric, and Keith. Her favorite hobbies include fishing and boating with family, Nana and Pop time with her precious grandkids, and cooking meals and enjoying family time together. Video: Is the Word of Faith Movement Biblical? Dona is originally from Myerstown, Pennsylvania and started working at SonRise in May of 2015. For 2 years now, the Lord has been opening our eyes to see how religious the church as we know it has become and He has been teaching us about His love and it has been exciting as well as lonely at times because we cant find too many who could understand what we are seeing that sometimes I couldnt help wondering if were off the truth. It is indeed Gods glory to conceal a matter but the honor of man to seek it out. Thanks for a brilliant book and web site. Thanks. By the way, I live in Western Australia . this is not being legalistic. Its good to hear you have experienced the same. Just a breath of what you share soo well!!!! email info etc. Do you believe with your vast knowledge of the Bible that we dont have to follow the teachings of Jesus and ask forgiveness of our sins? This cant be right that we have to confess each and every sin even AFTER we accept Jesus as our lord and savior. Ive written briefly about my grace journey here. I am amazed to find the good stuff you have on your site. Hi Nancy, thanks for writing. Share this: Twitter Facebook Loading. but then they argued that the thief was under a different covenant. QUOTE by SO4J-TV's PASTOR: JOHN MACARTHUR: "The SELF-ESTEEM CULT that goes around saying we've got to build up people's SELF-ESTEEM is taking them the OPPOSITE way that the Message of the Bible does, because the MORE you LOVE YOURSELF the LESS likely you are to need a Savior.SELF-ESTEEMISM is based on an UNBIBLICAL perspective.It is diametrically OPPOSED to the truth of HUMAN DEPRAVITY. Can you help me help her? Thank you for this great work! HELP. //FROM SO4J-TV:Everything we are saying on this page we say these things out ofLOVE(Ephesians 4:15)especiallyfor Gods people (2 Timothy 2:23-26)HISSheep (John 10:3-17,26-29) those who might have StrayedUnknowinglyinto these False Teachings (READ MORE). ER 2002 . Christology is not a secondary issue. You are using an out of date browser. ) JOHN HINKLEBENNY HINN(WOF) DAVID HOGAN BRIAN HOUSTON (Embraces WOF & sadly promotes False Teachers such as: Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, etc. I have attempted to explain the goodness of God and that God does punish us. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Dear Paul, He is most passionate about preaching and teaching Gods word. I am also a believer in the perfect work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Paul again in Rom4 teaches us that Abraham was made righteous by faith alone. He was an avid athlete in high school with basketball and football. I like so many have suffered from depression, anxiety and just down right turmoil. Change). document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ellis, Keith 1964 - 2020 Keith D. Ellis, age 56, was born March 2, 1964 in Murfreesboro, TN to his proud parents, Bobby R. and Barbara D. Ellis. Dr. Keith and Cheryl Ellis, and his wife Kim. Trust His ability to divinely orchestrate your one-minute encounter so that it comes at the exact time and precise moment when you need it." | Image courtesy: Reviews of "One Minute With God" Book The ministry is now led by Pastor Martin Eli Ellis, son of. After many years of being a born-again believer. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. SCRIPTURE TWISTING HOW THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL TWISTS SCRIPTURE Q & A, FALSE VISITS TO HEAVEN & HELL VIDEOS, ARTICLES, AUDIOS, BY /SO4J-TV & VIDEO PRODUCTIONS. God led me to your blog site as I asked Him the question, What event was Paul referring to when he said: For some of the Jews killed the prophets, and some even killed the Lord Jesus. They have three children, Justin, Heather, Eli and his wife Kim, and three grandchildren. Debbie Remines Teacher. Is there school on groundhog day? Please keep the articles coming! Marriage is not love, it is a public declaration of love. UPDATED 2017-2018 (8.5 HOURS on 2 DAYS) JUSTIN PETERS CLOUDS WITHOUT WATER II (A CALL FOR DISCERNMENT) SEMINAR DVD is a Fair Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith Prosperity gospel / Charismatic Movement & the New Apostolic Reformation. Keith was born and raised in West Orange, New Jersey. Keith and Paul, thanks for the conversation. though we cannot completely live our lives without breaking his law, (that is why we need our savior to save us and continually advocate for us) god promised that jesus blood will wipe away our judgment if we confess (admit) our transgression and endeavor with his help not to live in sin. Here at SonRise we exist to live our lives so others meet Jesus by helping people CONNECT with Jesus, GROW to be more like Jesus and SHARE our hope in Jesus with others. What a pleasure to find a like-minded crusader. (Check out the archives.) In this installment of their series, Costi Hinn and Justin Peters discuss how we are to understand Gods Goodness and His Sovereignty (Rom 8:28) in light of: Suffering, Persecution, and Sickness (2 Cor 11:23-30, 2 Cor 6:4-10). Regards from our family to yours. Hi Paul, I am from Hong Kong and current a student in the U.S. Stumble on your blog today and I truly enjoyed your sharing. Good to meet you and thanks for the feedback. mostly focuses on keith/ellis; ellis is underage in the first chapter; but nothing sexual happens; Nellis; Kellis - Freeform; Summary. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I just wanted to say that Ive been visiting your blog for a couple months now and I want to thank you for the work you have done here. I would love to see some material geared towards evangelism-especially of the open air variety,as many are being influenced by materials emanating from certain sites such as The Way of The Master etc. I hope it helps. Dr. Keith and Pastor Cheryl Ellis are the Senior Pastors and Founders of Charismatic Christian Center in Monroe, Georgia. A senior pastor of a megachurch in Detroit who was accused of groping the singer Ariana Grande during Aretha Franklin's funeral service on Friday has apologized. Ill just not chop man into separate bits. However, beside the Meth I also lived out a life of sexual addiction. I share across Africa VIA email, what a God given gift email is. Reckon yourself dead to sin and alive to Christ. Thank You. Thank you Paul. In his free time you can find Tim playing sports and spending time with His family. Thank you for sharing. I confess my sins to God and my biological brother. How? Im glad people are benefiting from those free resources. Birth. My biggest concern is believing that God has given up on me and recently 2 Peter 2-20 has been brought to my attention by a Pastor. how to reset ifit on proform treadmill, safety margin for transcutaneous pacing,